Alkaline Living, also called - pH balance -

Your missing key to true vibrant and radiant health

Discover the amazing principle of pH balance, pioneered by such research giants as Dr Robert O. Young, Dr Aurthur C. Guyton, Dr Otto Warburg and more. 

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In this information packed Audio CD you will learn:

  • Learn about the benefits of getting your body alkaline
  • More energy, mental clarity, improved mood
  • Discover the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to get alkaline
  • pH Balancing made simple
  • Avoid the stumbling blocks on the road to VIBRANT HEALTH!

Colon Cleasning CDThe information on this CD would take you years to research by yourself. Herb Specialist, John Houser has distilled all the best information from the leading experts for you on this plain-English CD.

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We explain all the basic and advanced techniques for balancing your pH. You could spend many months of your life trying to unearth this information, or simply get this CD! We save you endless hours of research.

How to accurately test your pH, so you know exactly where you are at and see the progress you are making.

Stress- is a major factor in pH imbalance. How to beat it at it's own game.

How to follow the alkaline diet, without feeling deprived, counting calories or fat grams.

Which supplements help you to get alkaline quickly.

Simple tips and tricks to accelerate the process of getting alkaline, and making it stick.

Alkaline Living for Vibratn Health

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